Florida Learners Permit Test

Florida Learners Permit Test


What's more convenient than completing the Florida Learners Permit along with the Drug and Alcohol Test course for your driving permit from home? The Florida DHSMV has permitted new drivers less than 17 years of age to do so. You can study for the course and test at home comfortably without any rush. We offer a Combo Pack which covers the First Time Drivers' Course and the material you need for your Online Permit Exam. Study online and clear your exam in the first attempt!


During your driving test, ignoring or failing to follow traffic law will cause disqualification. In the behind-the-wheel course, you will learn all about the mistakes which can cause you to fail the test. That way, you can practice accordingly. Here are some of the laws breaking which leads to automatic failure:

  • Not stopping the car at a stop sign
  • Driving faster than permitted
  • Colliding with the curb on the three-point turn


You need to make sure you are completely prepared for your driving test. You have to learn all the rules of the road and also have complete control over the car. The examiner isn't going to help you with the test so don't expect any assistance from him/her. All he/she will do is give you instructions and see how well you follow them. To ensure you drive with confidence, sleep well the night before your test and don't eat too much. Confidence and preparation are the two keys to acing the test on the first try. To hone your driving skills, you should go for a driving simulation test online.


Contrary to perception, the driving examiners want most drivers to pass their exams. In case you observe the examiner's behavior is not polite or pleasant, don't think that it is because of something you have done. What you can do is try to be nice to the examiner and it is likely his/her attitude would change accordingly. You will learn all about interacting with the examiner in the driver's license practice test course. Once you complete the course, you will be confident in dealing with the examiners.


The laws regarding the number of times you can retake the driving test vary from state to state. While most states allow you to come back the next day for the test, others have you wait for at least a week or a certain time period before allowing you to retake the test. During that time, the person is expected to practice driving. Obviously, the better option is working on your driving skills before taking the test so you clear it in the first attempt.


Registration of a four-wheel vehicle requires that you have it insured. You need to carry the insurance coverage for the entire period in which the car remains registered in your name. The law in Florida clearly states this fact. There are two distinct laws related to vehicle insurance in Florida.

  • The Financial Responsibility Law, where the owner and operator of a motor vehicle takes on the financial burden in case of any injury or damage caused because of an accident or crash.
  • The No-Fault Law, where the person who owns or registers a vehicle in Florida is required to have Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability Insurance.