The Proper Way of Over-Taking another Car on the Highway

15 May

Driving on the highway is extremely tough for most drivers and statistics reveal that most of the accidents in our country commonly occur on the highway and as a result of a passing or over-taking maneuver. If you thought that over-taking and passing another vehicle was a piece of cake, then think again, since if you mess up you can cause a major accident that can prove to be fatal. The reasons for over-taking another car are a dime a dozen, but that does not mean that you don’t follow the proper driving technique of over-taking another vehicle while driving on the highway.


To help you become a much better, safer and more responsible driver, we have come up with the proper technique for over-taking another car on the highway. Here it is.

Make the Pass After Signaling

When you are over-taking another car, the proper protocol suggests that you know the other car that you are about to over-take them, so that they don’t change their line at the last second and cause an accident. You should never try to over-take another car from their blind spot, since this enhances the likelihood of causing an accident. When you are overtaking, signal the driver properly to let them know that you are about to pass them, and ensure that you look in your rearview mirror to see if another car is not in your blind spot. To make the pass, you should drive not more than 10 mph faster than the car in front of you to ensure that you don’t cause an accident.

Visualize the Move Before Over-Taking

Once you are ready to over-take the car in front of you after signaling them, you should visualize the move once before completing the over-taking maneuver. This will allow you to anticipate the move of the driver in front of you and the driver behind you as well. You should be aware of the amount of room that is available for a successful over-taking move and ensure that you give plenty of room for error to avoid a collision.

Move into the Lane Once You Can See Their Headlights

It is safe to move back into your lane after overtaking the car in front of you, once you can safely see their headlights in your rearview mirror. This is a good way to judge the exact distance between you and the car behind you and also lets you know that there is room to maneuver for your car.

Be Wary of Other Cars Trying to Overtake You

If you are attempting to overtake a car, be mindful of the fact that someone else maybe trying to overtake you as well. If you find that there is someone trying to get in front of you, you should give them room to do so to avoid any accident. Don’t try to increase your speed and get ahead of the car in front of you first, since that would result on rash driving on your part and also endanger the lives of other drivers. You should back-off and try to attempt the overtaking once the car behind you has gone ahead.