Importance of Different Traffic Signs & Road Awareness

15 Mar

Are you often at a complete loss regarding what different traffic signs mean? Has your lack of awareness caused you hassle on more than one counts? Have you been unable to comprehend what the signs on the road are all about, only to head straight into some catastrophe? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to all the questions posed above, you have come to just the right place as you are about to find out why it is so important to understand traffic signs and how they can help turn your dream of becoming a responsible driver a reality.


One of the most important tools a qualified driver should have in his arsenal is knowledge of the road signs. Accidents are a daily occurrence and with everyone recklessly rushing towards their destinations, it goes without saying that only traffic signs can help an individual keep any undesired inconvenience at arm’s length.

Despite attempts made by the state of Texas to educate people about these traffic signs, it is sad that a vast majority lacks the basic knowledge, which consequently leads to menacing accidents. Here are top five reasons why you should consider investing your time learning these traffic signs.

Say ‘Yes’ To Safety
They say the doorway to safety swings on the hinges of road sense. This road sense is impossible to accomplish without achieving an understanding of the traffic signs. Safety is the primary reason these traffic signs serve. They not only ensure that drivers are well aware of the rules but also guarantee that they are well-informed about any hazards they might come across on the road.

Add Efficiency into the Equation
Imagine a car moving at a snail’s pace in the fast lane. We all know what the final outcome would be. The driver will either be receiving annoyed looks by other drivers or will be hit by any car coming from behind. To make sure such incidents don’t happen, traffic signs are put up to maintain discipline on the road. These signs are not just meant to inform drivers that they are moving in the correct direction and at the correct speed, they also help make sure the traffic flows smoothly and in a uniform manner.

Warnings for Fuss-Free Driving
Traffic signs are also used to warn drivers of any potential hazards they are most likely to come across on the road. Signs help motorists prepare for what lies ahead as they ensure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises lurking around the corner.

Let the Directions Do the Talking
People find it a lot easier to find and reach their destination in a timely manner with the help of traffic signs. Without these signs, explaining directions and locations would have been a headache. Similarly, chances of motorists getting lost will be higher as well. However, thanks to these road signs, motorists have nothing to worry about.

Making the Most Out Of Mileage
Without traffic signs, people have no way of finding out how far their destination is. Similarly, without signs, they won’t have any idea about how far they have come and how far they have yet to go. This is where traffic signs turn out to be most effective as they help drivers understand not just the amount of time it will take them to reach their destination but also their gas requirements.

Bottom-line, traffic signs are of paramount importance and their understanding is the thin line that demarcates a responsible and mature driver from an immature one.