How to Use High Beams Effectively When Driving in Florida

5 Mar

There are lots of questions by drivers regarding the proper way to drive when using high beams and how to use their high beams effectively when driving in Texas. The answer lies in using the beams in a way which does not inconvenience other drivers. There are several laws regarding high beams in the State of Texas, which state that improper use of the high beams may result in tickets and fines for drivers. That is why you should learn to use your high beams in a safe and effective manner that does not inconvenience other drivers or break the law.


High beams can improve your vision vastly, particularly if you are driving at night, or in adverse weather conditions such as fog or low light. However, using high beams can be dangerous sometimes, since they can affect the vision of other vehicles on the road. You should recognize the proper techniques and methods of using your high beams in order to become a safer and more responsible driver. Here are some of the rules regarding the use of high beams when you are driving in Texas:

Night Time Use for High Beams
The most common time to use high beams is usually at night, due to the low visibility on the road. You should keep your headlights on high beam when you are driving at night, since they give you better vision on the road and also alert other oncoming cars. However, you should interchange the lights between high and low, in order to make it easier for other oncoming cars.

High Beam Etiquettes
There are certain laws regarding the use of high beams, which require that you should dim your headlights when there is another car in your vision. This is because high beams can blind the other drivers and cause them to make errors while driving. The rule is to dim your high beams when you are at least 500 feet away from an oncoming car, failure to do so, could result in a fine and a ticket.

Never Flash Your Lights
If you have turned on your high beams, then you should never flash your lights at another oncoming vehicle, as that can seriously impair their vision and result in a traffic violation for you. Two cars using high beams at the same time can lead to a dangerous situation, so always lower your beams when you see another car approaching you.

Don’t Use them in Heavy Traffic
High beams are most effective when the road is empty, since they help improve the road visibility by letting you see further ahead on the road at night. Using high beams in traffic is a serious violation, since there is no use for you to be using them and will result in a fine.

Never Use them When Over-Taking
It is against the law to use high beams when you are over-taking another car or passing them. This can blind the driver ahead of you and cause an accident, so always lower your beams when you are approaching another vehicle on the road.