Getting Your Motorcycle License in the State of Florida

15 Nov

Which Individuals Qualify?
1.    If you are living in Florida and want to drive your motorcycle license on highways and public streets;
2.    If you recently moved to Florida from a different state, and you have an official license; you will have 30 days to obtain a valid Florida license after becoming a resident.


You will be considered for Florida license if the following conditions are met:

Under 18 Years

  1. You are required to possess a learner’s driving license for the duration of 1 year or until your 18th birthday before you are issued a class E license for Motorcycles Only.
  2.  You must have a clear record off of convictions and traffic violations for at least 1 year, after obtaining your learner’s driving license.
  3. You must present evidence of completing an authorized safety course for motorcycles.

Over 18 Years

  1.  You must have possession of your recent learner’s driving license or pass the vision, road rules and signs examinations,
  2.  You are required to present evidence of completing an authorized safety course for motorcycles; Or
  3. Present a license for motorcycle only, which was issued from another state (except Alabama).

License for Motorcycle Only
Anyone who is requesting an endorsement for motorcycles:

  1. Must possess an advanced license or a license for Class E, or meet the criteria for a class E license,
  2. Must complete a safety course on motorcycles BRC (Basic Rider Course); Or
  3. Present a license for motorcycle only, which was issued from another state (except Alabama).

Identification Cards
You can apply directly for the identification card with any driving license office. Anyone who possesses a driving license in Florida, seeking an identification card will be required to give up their driving license. The rules of the state forbid anyone to possess both an identification card and a driving license in the state. To qualify for a driving license you are required to:

  1. Be at least five (5) years old or above that age. Regardless of the age of any person, they will be eligible for an identification card if they apply for a parking permit for the disabled.
  2. Provide the necessary identification. **Look at section 2 for the complete list of recognized identification that needs to be provided.
  3. Present evidence regarding Social Security Number (exceptions for those who have never qualified for one). Look at section 2 for the required evidences that need to be provided for the social security number.
  4. Present evidence of your residential address. (You are required to provide 2 documents). Look at section 2 for reference to the valid evidences of your residential address.

The identification card will include your full name, a colored photograph, gender, date of birth, address and any further data that the Department requires. All identification cards which are issued to people who are between the ages of 5 – 14 will be legal for 4 years; all the rest will be legal for 8 years.

Permission from Parent’s for Minors
Anyone who is under the age of 18 or is unmarried must get signatures from at least one parent or the legal guardian on the license application form. A public notary or examiner must oversee the signature on the application. The person who signs the application will be held directly responsible for the applicant’s driving. The parent/guardian may withdraw their signature and associated responsibility at any time. To revoke the driving license the person who signed the application is required to write and mail a letter to the license department, at the given address to request their disassociation