The Codes of Endorsement and Restrictions on Florida License

5 Nov

The Codes of Endorsement and Restrictions

  1. Only Corrective Lenses: This indicates that when a person is driving a vehicle he or she must do so by wearing corrective lenses throughout the entire duration.
  2. Left Side External Rear-view Mirror: This denotes that any vehicle which a person is operating must contain an outside rear-view mirror situated on the left hand side of the vehicle.
  3. For Business Purpose: This connotes that a person may only be allowed to drive their vehicle for purposes which are directly linked to their livelihood, which may include, commuting between home and work, driving on the job, operating a vehicle for reasons pertaining to education, and driving for medical commitments or when going to church.
  4. For Employment Purpose: This means that a person may drive when commuting from their home to the workplace and vice versa, or if they are required to drive due to their job or at the request of an employer.
  5. Only Daylight Driving: This entails that a person may only drive their vehicle during the day and not at night.
  6. Automatic Transmission: This suggests that you are only allowed to operate a vehicle which has got automatic transmission controls.
  7. Power Steering: This implies that you must only operate a vehicle which has got power steering controls.
  8. Directional Signals: This denotes that you must operate an automobile that has all the required mechanical and directional signals which are necessary.
  9. Steering Wheel Grip: This signifies that any vehicle under operation by a person must have either a grip or a knob attached onto the steering wheel of the vehicle.
    10. Hearing Aid: This suggests that a person is required to wear a fully functioning hearing aid device, particularly if they are operating a vehicle that requires a CDL license.
  10. Seat Cushion: This denotes that while driving a person has to use a cushion for the seat throughout the entirety of the drive.

  1. Pedals Extensions or Hand Controls: This expresses that all vehicles must have mandatory pedal extensions and hand controls equipped on them.
  2. Accelerator near the Left Foot: This indicates that all vehicles are required to have an accelerator near the left foot of the driver.
  3. Device for Ignition Lock: This means that all automobiles are required to be installed with a device which effectively locks the vehicle’s ignition.
  4. Alternative Limitations: This entails that there may be some restraints which have been exerted on the license of the driver.
  5. Medical Identification Tag: This denotes that the driver has a medical condition and may require immediate help or attention.
  6. Only for Educational Use: This indicates that the driver may only drive for any education related purpose.

The Codes of Restriction Found on the CDL (Commercial Driver License)

  1. Automobiles without Any Air Brakes: This is formally issued to all drivers that have failed the examination which tests the written knowledge and skills of the driver for driving automobiles that have operational air brakes.
  2.  CDL – Interstate Use Only (CMV): This is provided to all drivers who have been approved to only drive motor vehicles for commercial purposes in the state of Florida.
  3. Only Bus (CMV): This is issued to any driver who has been granted the authority to legally drive a commercial motor vehicle, which must only be a bus.

Important Point: All motor vehicle drivers who have gotten constraints with regards to their license and which do not fully conform to the regulations of this restriction may find their license suspended or could be issued with a court order for failing to meet the requirements or knowingly violating the restriction. Any misdemeanor that falls under this category is an offense of the second degree, which excludes any infringements of the code X restriction.

Codes of Endorsement

These codes of approval are commonly found on all classes of commercial driving licenses, which are denoted as Class A, Class B and Class C.

  1. Signs for Hazardous Equipment: These are issued to everyone that has officially passed the mandatory examinations for the requirements of transferring advertized Hazmat equipment.
  2. Tank Vehicles: These are issued to all of those that have cleared the mandatory examinations required for driving tank vehicles.