The Penalty for Driving Without a License in Florida!

5 May

People who drive without a driving license are subject to a penalty, which is generally based according to the state that person is currently driving. The penalty usually results in a fine and traffic tickets, and the exact amount of the fine varies subject to the number of times the offense has been committed. People, who are charged for the first time, generally face a lower fine, while repeat offenders get a warning and a large fine. You may also find an increase in your insurance premium and the possibility of facing another penalty.

Another factor which plays a major role in the actual penalty of driving without a license is subject to the real reason behind the lack of license while driving. Some people may have forgotten their license at home, but will have to provide certain information as proof that they are indeed valid license holders. They will get away with a warning and a traffic ticket. If it is a first time offense, then they may not get fined, but that is not a guarantee.

Drivers who have already been warned and fined on driving without a license will face with harsh penalties, which can be heavy fines and traffic tickets. Most people who are caught without a license are people, who have not been issued one, while drivers who have had their license revoked or suspended can face severe penalties. In some cases drivers may even be arrested if they are repeat offenders of driving without a license. Some areas place severe penalties on such offenders which result in up to 6 months of jail time for driving without a license.

You can evenly get a penalty for driving insurance premiums. Drivers who are caught driving without a license will have the offense marked on their personal record. This happens when you have been issued a ticket, but not in the case of a warning. If a traffic violation offense goes on your offense, then your insurance company will also receive notification from the traffic department. That will usually result in the insurance company raising the premium on your insurance.

If you are caught while driving without a license in Texas, then you will receive a misdemeanor charge. If you repeat the offense multiple times, then you qualify for severe penalties and harsh charges. The penalties you could face in Texas are:

  • $200 fine for first time offenders.
  • Fine ranging from $25 – $200 if you repeat the offense within one year of being charged.
  • If you are caught for the third time in 1 year for the same offense, then you face a $500 fine and possible jail time of not less than 3 days and not more than 6 months.

People who are caught driving without a license in Texas usually face other penalties apart from the fine. The state of Texas has issued a Driver Responsibility Program, which comes into affect regarding driving offenses in Texas. The program demands that you provide a yearly surcharge fee for 3 years. The surcharge fee for driving without a license in Texas is $100. Drivers may also have their driving privileges removed if they are repeat offender, such as having their driving license revoked.