Learn How to Get Your Driving License Renewal in the State of Florida

15 Dec

A driving license is valid for a period of 6 years to 8 years. The dates of expiration for driving license renewal are presented to all non-immigrants.


People who are seeking a driving license in Florida or a field office identification card since 1st January, 2010 will have to provide proof of identification with two residential addresses, and a social security number. Please look at section 2 for all the necessary requirements and the type of evidence required regarding your identification, home address and social security. People who are non-immigrants have to fulfill extra requirements. Look at section 3.3.6. for more information regarding requirements for non-immigrants.

You May Not Qualify for a Renewal of Your Driving License if:

A.    You don’t possess the necessary credentials to obtain a drivers license.
B.    You did not appear in court for a traffic infringement case.
C.    Your current driving license has been cancelled, revoked or suspended.
D.    You did not provide the necessary certifications for obtaining a license.

Changes in Name

If you want to alter the name which appears on your identification card or your Florida driving license, then you must fulfill the following requirements:

  •  Present an authentic and genuine copy of your marriage certificate which has been certified by the government, and official document which has been court issued and states that you are divorced, or a court order which was sent to the office which issues driving licenses. Marriage certificates from the Church are not recognized.
  • Change your name on your own social security card.

Further Requirements Non-Immigrants and Immigrants

  • You are required to change your name on all documents from the Immigration Services and your Citizenship of the United States, prior to changing the name on your identification card or Florida driving license.

Canadian Citizens

All Canadian citizens are required to change their name on their Canadian passports prior to submitting an application for a change of name on their identification card or driving license.

Address Changes

If you want to amend your home address on the identification card or driving license you possess, you are required to provide two valid evidences of your current address.

Options of Renewal

People who possess a driving license for non-commercial purposes and are looking to renew it can look at the following expediency techniques given below:

  1.   Through Mail – All drivers that are citizens of the United States or foreign immigrants can use expediency techniques to get their license renewed. This will make them eligible to receive a renewal packet through mail, which would arrive at least 30 days before your license expires. There will be no extra charges if you choose to renew your license through mail.
  2.   Through the Internet – You may choose to renew your driving license using the internet by visiting the website www.GoRenew.com.

At the end of the entire procedure you will get a renewed driving license that will be valid for next 6 to 8 years. The law in Florida has made it mandatory that anyone who has received a renewed license must discard the previous license and may not keep any copies of the previous version. If you apply for a renewal for your driver’s license after it has expired you will be eligible for a late fee charge in the region of $15.

Any driver who is over the age of 80 and has applied for a driving license has to clear an exam that tests their vision. The exam can be overseen at the driving license office, with no extra charges or you may have it done by a Florida certified practitioner of health care, like your osteopath, optometrist or a medical doctor. The test report of the vision exam has to be authentic and should be presented to the division responsible for the exam if you have given your vision exam to your medical doctor. To make matters even simpler, you can have your practitioner for health care submit the test reports and forms through the internet at www.flhsmv.gov/ddl/vision. You can follow up on the report after it has been submitted properly at the given web address and then have your driving license renewed through mail or through the internet.