Your Emotions Can Play a Vital Role in The way you Drive

25 Feb

Your emotions can play a vital role in the way you drive. For instance, you may struggle to drive safely if you experience emotions such as, fear, anger, depression, excitement and worry. If you experience anger or excitement while driving, it is better to relax and take some time to calm down. Walking for a short while, can help you calm down, and you should not drive unless you are back in control of your emotions.  If you experience depression or worry due to something that you recently experienced, then you should try maintaining your focus on driving safely. A great way to keep your mind from wandering off is by turning on the radio and listening to some music.

If you are agitated, desperate and eager to drive your car, you prepare in advance to ensure that you are not impatient. Leaving earlier from your home can help. If you find yourself ahead of schedule, then there is no need for you to drive unsafely or recklessly, which can also cause an accident or help your acquire a ticket for your driving. You should always be patient while driving. Stop for trains at crossings. Dangerous driving such as attempting to cross before the train or driving around gates which are lowered can prove to be fatal for you.

Implied Consent Law
If an officer of the law thinks that you are driving while being affected by drugs or alcohol, you will be required to give a breath, blood and urine test. According to the law, when you are driving in Florida, you have already complied to take the necessary tests if required, when you signed for your driving license. Any refusal on your part for taking the test will result in an automatic suspension of your license for the duration of approximately 1 year. If you refuse to take the test for the second time, then you may face the consequences in the form of a suspension for your license of approximately 18 months, while it will be recorded as a misdemeanor of the second degree on your records.

Other Drugs and Driving
Apart from the effects of alcohol, other substances and drugs also have the ability to influence someone’s capability of driving in a safe manner. Some of these substances and drugs can produce dramatic effects, which are similar or worse than the effects caused by alcohol. This factor is especially accurate in terms of medical drugs which require a prescription, and even some drugs which you can acquire without a medical prescription. Many drugs which provide relief for colds, headaches, hay fever or even certain allergies, can cause a person to feel extremely drowsy and have the tendency to influence their driving skills. Diet pills, pep pills and party pills cause people to become dizzy and nervous and may even render their ability to concentrate and in turn cause the vision to become distorted or blurred. Some prescribed drugs can affect the judgment, alertness, vision and reflexes of a person, which is quite similar to the effects of alcohol.

When driving, it is important for people to be informed about the potential side effects and of the drugs by reading the labels and warnings on the drug. You should ask your pharmacist or doctor about the possible effects of the drugs before consuming it, if you are unsure about the reliability of the drug while driving. If you have taken a drug, then you should not attempt to consume alcohol with it. The alcohol may have more severe effects on your driving due to the drugs or may multiply other symptoms of the drug. All these side effects will only cause problems that will not allow you to drive safely, and may even put your life in jeopardy, which can translate into severe health issues and may even be fatal for you.

Drugs whether legal or illegal, possess the ability to influence your performance and affect your driving skills. For instance, numerous studies have revealed that a person who is a frequent user of marijuana will be prone to more errors and face problems related to brightness, which will result as a consequence in more traffic transgressions and more arrests than drivers who don’t use marijuana.