Driving under the effects of alcohol is extremely unsafe

5 Feb

The chances of being involved in a car accident will be increased significantly when you are under the influence of alcohol as opposed to when you are driving sober. No person can drive in a safe manner after consuming alcohol, even if you are an experienced driver. Divers who are young face more severe symptoms of alcohol, since their bodies are still growing and have yet to develop properly to adequately handle the effects of alcohol in their body.
Driving under the effects of alcohol is extremely unsafe and therefore the penalties imposed on drivers are exceedingly harsh as a result. People, who operate motor vehicles after consuming alcohol, are at the risk of high insurance charges, significant fines, jail sentences and even the loss of their license. A conviction regarding DUI will stay on a driver’s overall record for a period of 75 years.

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Alcohol impairs all the necessary skills which are required to drive in a safe manner these include vision, reaction, concentration and judgment. After consuming alcohol, it takes only a matter of minutes for the substance to reach your brain after being absorbed in the stomach lining and goes straight into the bloodstream. The affects of alcohol are felt in the areas of the brain which control skill and judgment, which is why it is so hazardous to drink alcohol; since it affects your ability to perform at optimum levels. The first thing which is affected after consuming alcohol is the judgment of a person. Having a good sense of judgment is necessary for you when you are driving, but it also helps you recognize how much alcohol your body can hold. Alcohol impairs solid judgment and you will not realize when to ultimately stop drinking for your betterment. It is similar to sunburn, when you recognize the damage, it is far too late to do anything about it.

Alcohol has the tendency to slow down your reaction time and reflexes, and impairs your vision and alertness. As the level of alcohol being accrued in your body increases, your skills and ability to judge a situation starts to decline. You are bound to face problems in calculating movement of other motor vehicles, their speeds, and the distance they are from your vehicle. If You Consume Alcohol, Never Drive! The best piece of advice you can get is, that if you are consuming alcohol, it is a good idea not to drive your vehicle. A single drink of alcohol has the ability to affect your driving skills negatively. Consuming more than 2 drinks will leave you severely hampered when it comes to driving and you could face legal action if caught under the influence of alcohol.

The body requires at least 1 hour to get rid of a single drink of alcohol. The only thing which will help you get sober is time. There are different methods of handling social circumstances. You can make preparations to go with more than 2 people and decide on one person who will not consume alcohol. You may even revolve the “established driver” amongst the group. You may utilize a taxi or public transportation if they are available.

In certain cases where you are driving under the influence of alcohol and seriously injure or cause the death of a person, your blood test will be taken without waiting for your consent. Any health professional, nurse or doctor may take your blood. The blood will be drawn, if you are physically unconscious and are in no position to reject the blood test. Regardless of your objection after regaining consciousness, the test results of your blood can be used as evidence in a case.