How to Get Your Car Out of the Snow?

15 Jun

How about learning some steps when the time comes and you’re stuck in the snow. You want to know how you can get your vehicle out of the snow and be able to get back on the road – or at least on the side of the road so the tow truck can get you depending on the damage that has been done. Spinning off the road is not the end of the world, so take a deep breath and keep these tips and steps in mind if this ever happens to you. It is better to be safe than sorry.


 Make Sure the Tailpipe is Cleared!

  1. Dig away any excessive snow and ice that has built up around the tires in the front and in the back. You should think about carrying a small shovel to remove the ice and snow if something like this happens.
  2. Press on the brakes slightly to give them a bit more traction and resistance than they would have if you were not pressing on them at all. Make sure to try to spin each of the wheels an equal amount of time using the brakes in between to heat them up and grab some traction.
  3. Place floor mats in front of the tires to give them something to ride over that is not slippery and wet. They should be able to provide the traction that you’re after. Make sure no one is behind the back of the car and that you go slowly.
  4. Lay down salt, cat litter or sand in front of the tires. This can help to melt away any ice that is left there and can help the tires to grab traction when it is needed. Antifreeze on the snow and ice can also decrease the snow, but you want to ensure that you do not pour it in residential areas since pets may drink it.
  5. Straighten out the wheels. Make sure they are as straight as can be before you try to ease your car out of the snow. Turned tires can make it harder to get the car unstuck.
  6. Use a lower gear to pull out instead of hitting the gas full force. You want to be gentle and try to rock the car out instead of pressing on it. Gently rock the vehicle back and forth to gain traction and to help get you out of the place you’re in.

Try to keep some items in the trunk of your car when it comes to being able to get out of snow – a shovel, sand or cat litter, extra blankets and some tire chains. This can reduce the amount of time that it takes to get you out of the snow if you’re to get stuck.

Make sure to clear out any snow that is built up on the grill. This can stop the air flow from the radiator if it is blocked. This can cause the vehicle to overheat, so make sure to clear it off.

If you’re in a heavy snow, wintery area then you’re going to want to install winter tires instead of having summer tires throughout the year. This is because it can help you keep traction on the road with the right kind of tires on your vehicle for the driving weather you’re in.